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  • Professional Athelete

    I am a professional athlete and my career is tough on my body. I get aches and pains from tough practice and game day all the time. I visit Dr. Monagle on a weekly basis to get rid of stubborn muscle cramps and to make my joints as strong as possible so that I can extend my career. Dr. Monagle has reduced pain in so many parts of my body, completely eliminated my knee pain that I suffered from for years, and made my torn muscles heal in record time.

    Thanks Doc-

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  • Knee Pain

    It is dangerous to have knee pain and walk into an orthopedic surgeon’s office. Apparently, due to the ease of sticking probes into the knee joint, arthroscopic surgery is a favorite pastime of orthopedic surgeons. When I ask my patients the reasons for their surgery oftentimes their response is, “to shave cartilage” or “to shave

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  • Arthritis Pain

    Soft tissue injury or overall joint weakness can lead to degenerative joint conditions like arthritis. Often times when a ligaments and tendons are injured or weakened by use, the other structures of the joint sustain added pressure. Eventually these structures become fatigued and the cartilage begins to deteriorate. Prolotherapy can stop this deterioration and eliminate

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  • Joint Pain

    Chronic joint pain is either due to loss of cartilage, or laxity of the connective tissue (tendons/ligaments). Prolotherapy, Prolozone, and PRP are all treatments that promote healing of the affected joint by stimulating new collagen production, which builds new cartilage, strengthens tendons and ligaments, and reverses osteo-arthritis.

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  • Family Medicine

    Primary care for the whole family treating both acute and chronic illnesses and providing preventative care and health education for all ages and both sexes.

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